1. 1987 to 1989

    • Beginning of operations in Porto Alegre-RS, an initiative by Cesar Leite, who was 17 years old at the time, and had 3 partners.
    • Focus: development of administrative and data processing systems.

  2. 1990

    • 1st strategic planning when Cesar Leite completed his computer science course.
    • First corporate clients.

  3. 1991 to 1992

    • Focus: marketing of software, services and training.
    • First Microsoft Center in Rio Grande do Sul state.
    • Partnership with IBM for the local network market.
    • The second Group company is founded, Connecting, which is focused on connectivity and data networking.
    • Processor becomes the major Microsoft and Borland player in Rio Grande do Sul state.

  4. 1993

    • Hardware is added to Processor's sales portfolio: Compaq, Accton, SMC, and 3Com.
    • A wide range of projects for local network and integration.
    • Infrastructure services are offered for the first time.
    • First subsidiary is opened in Novo Hamburgo/RS.

  5. 1994 to 1995

    • The second unit is opened in Porto Alegre/RS, which is focused on Lotus and Microsoft official training.
    • The 1st Drake Certification Center is opened in Rio Grande do Sul.

  6. 1996 to 1997

    • Entering the SOHO (SMB) market.
    • Processor becomes the largest software player in Rio Grande do Sul.
    • The Quality Program (SQGP) is launched.
    • First appearance in the media.

  7. 1998 to 2000

    • Processor is certified by ISO9001.
    • Processor is elected the best VAR of Southern Brazil by IDG.
    • Processor enters IDG's Top200 IT Brazil ranking.
    • Focus on Microsoft (LAR) and Compaq services and solutions.

  8. 2000 to 2001

    • The Rio de Janeiro unit is opened.
    • Enters in the e-business market.
    • Processor e-licensing 1.0 and Processor Business Pages are launched.
    • Launching of Processor Max Software and Processor Max Hardware solutions.
    • Bronze Award at PGQP 1st.
    • International Project "Cajas Negras" at INAC/Uruguay.
    • Processor BI 1.0 and Processor Web 1.0.

  9. 2002 to 2003

    • Software Center Company has part of its capital acquired by the Group.
    • Processor Sentry (firewall), in Linux, is launched.
    • Processor Alfamidia is created in conjunction with Alfamidia Treinamento.
    • Processor is elected the best IT company of the year by Jornal do Comércio.
    • The Group now counts with 100 professionals.

  10. 2004 to 2005

    • Microsoft globally awards the "Cajas Negras" project as the best security case in the world.
    • Processor is elected the company of the year by Assespro-RS.
    • R&D creates a unit at TecnoPuc.
    • SoftLearn company is acquired in Rio de Janeiro.
    • Processor CRM 1.0 is launched.
    • A new company is created, Processor IT-Source, focused on outsourcing.
    • The São Paulo unit is opened.

  11. 2006 to 2007

    • Processor News is launched.
    • Case Ipiranga is awarded by Microsoft as the best in LatAm.
    • Processor BI 4.0, Processor Web 5.0, Processor Max Outsource 2.5 are launched.
    • The Group reaches 200 professionals.
    • The company reaches 5 million technical hours provided.

  12. 2007 to 2008

    • Processor Consulting Services case is awarded as the best case in LatAm by Microsoft.
    • Processor Web 6.0 and Processor BI 5.0 are launched.
    • The first subsidiary abroad is opened in Santiago/Chile.

  13. 2008 to 2009

    • Processor CRM 4.0 is launched.
    • The second subsidiary abroad: unit in Bogota-Colombia.
    • Offices are opened in Buenos Aires (AR), Madri (SP), and Miami (USA).
    • Processor becomes a Platinum Partner Symantec.
    • Processor Max Software 3.0 is launched.

  14. 2009 to 2010

    • Offices are opened in Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Minas Gerais/Brazil.
    • New headquarters in São Paulo.
    • Processor Max Outsource 3.0 is launched.
    • Software Intraflow from BPM is purchased.

  15. 2011

    • Processor BI 6.0, Intraflow BPM 3.1, Processor Shareportal 1.0, Processor PSM 1.1, Processor CRM 2011, Processor Max Software 4.0, Processor AX 2009 are launched.
    • A land is purchased to build the new Processor headquarters in Porto Alegre-RS.
    • Processor is elected partner of the year by TrustWave.
    • Dr. Imre Simon 2011 award for the Processor Shareportal solution as the best solution in the service area by Assespro.
    • The Softwares.com.br portal is created for cloud computing solutions.
    • Plenit Co. is incorporated.
    • A Motivational Program called Alegria (Happiness) is created, as well as Processor 1.0 Guidebook.

  16. 2012

    • New company Processor Max is created.
    • The Group's corporate names in Brazil are changed to Processor (software and service) and Processor Max (outsourcing, solutions, and consulting).
    • Units in Chile and Rio de Janeiro are expanded.
    • The Responsibility and Reciprocity Committee is created.
    • The construction works of the new company headquarters begin (Porto Alegre).
    • Processor BI 6.3, Processor PSM 1.2, Processor CRM 2012, Processor Max Outsource 4.0, Processor AX 2012 are launched.
    • Implementation of an Institutionalized Assessment Program for Merit Performance.
    • Meritocracy as criteria to measure the Group's employee performance.
    • Processor becomes a major player of Microsoft CRM in ISV format in LatAm.

  17. 2013

    • The Group reaches 350 professionals.
    • Processor Performance Management 7.0 (former BI), Processor Max Outsource 4.0, Processor Max Software 6.5, Processor PSM 1.3, Processor BPM 4.0 (on Windows Azure) are launched.
    • GeraçãoProc Trainee Program is launched.
    • Processor receives six Gold Microsoft certifications.
    • The company reaches 10 million technical hours provided.
    • Processor celebrates 25 years.
    • Processor is elected Brazil Partner of the Year by Microsoft.
    • Processor enters the President´s Club group for Microsoft Dynamics.
    • New design for Processor's websites and portfolio.
    • Geographic expansion to Santa Catarina and Paraná states.

  18. 2014

    • Processor's new headquarters in Porto Alegre are launched: Processor Technology Center.
    • Solutions are now offered in mobile format.
    • Processor's Launches: Processor Service Management 3.0, Processor SAM 1.0, Processor Managed Services 1.1, Processor Max Software 7.1.
    • São Paulo unit is expanded.
    • Among the 100 Brands of Rio Grande do Sul by Editora Amanhã.
    • Among the 500 largest companies of Southern Brazil by Revista Amanhã.
    • Processor LiveCloud is launched.
    • Processor is elected a top-of-mind company of the year by Assespro-RS.
    • 2nd edition of GeraçãoProc Trainee Program.

  19. 2015

    • Merit 3.0 Program.
    • Processor enters the Digital-GoToBiz Marketing market.
    • Processor acquires Pitrez's client portfolio.
    • Positioning as The Cloud Company.
    • CSP (Cloud Service Provider) Launching.
    • 3rd edition of GeraçãoProc Trainee Program.
    • Spotfinder is started, an App that connects people to locations and services.
    • First executive event with clients in the USA to discuss cloud transformation.
    • Processor among the 500 largest companies in Southern Brazil - Revista Amanhã.
    • Processor among the 100 most promising/innovating companies of Microsoft world - CIO Review-USA.
    • Golden and Silver Case is awarded by Microsoft as the best in mobility/LatAm.

  20. 2016

    • The first major financial case is developed by Brazil on Cloud.
    • Processor enters the IoT market.
    • LiveCloud SaaS.
    • A large part of Exior’s team (SalesForce integrator) is hired by GoToBiz.
    • New offices opened in Curitiba and Belo Horizonte.
    • GoTobiz portfolio integrated in the Processor offerings.
    • SpotFinder has reached 12000 downloads.

  21. 2017

    • Compliance DSC 10.000 certification.
    • New Delivery Processor 4.0 Methodology.
    • ISO9001: 2015 certification.
    • Processor's Launches:: Max Software 8.0, Hey!Ho!.
    • SpotFinder allows you to purchase tickets for tourist attractions, shows and movies.
    • IPs Processor.
    • Processor, maintainer of the ONG Parceiros Voluntários, receives Honor to the Merit by the 20 years of dedication and commitment.
    • Processor among the 500 largest companies in the south of the country - Amanhã Magazine.

  22. 2018

    • Positioning as The BPO & Cloud Company.