Asset management solution for software and devices delivered as a service


One of the biggest investments in technology environments today is software contracting. Eliminating wasteful and wrong investments in products installed on your network is one of the options organizations have to optimize technology investments.

Through LiveCloud SAM you can save time and money by optimizing your software assets, streamlining internal processes and increasing productivity, as well as simplifying the management process.

In addition, LiveCloud SAM enables a comprehensive view of purchased and effectively installed licenses, helping organizations to comply with vendor licensing policies, minimizing risks in potential audits.

The application technology platform for asset management is operated, supported and monitored by Processor, with customer follow-up through the LiveCloud Portal, thus enabling increased security, performance, availability, standardization, elasticity and agility in environmental management.

The organization can focus only on the use of the management application and receives preset dashboards, as well as periodic reports and analysis of its software assets from the main market players available according to the contract.



Greater control of assets.

Enables optimization of IT investments and future software planning.

Enables the reduction of costs with software licensing and hardware purchase.

Reduces financial and reputation risks associated with software audits.

Governance and compliance with Compliance policies.

Protects your company’s software assets in case of a Disaster.

Optimizes time management, improves results and increases your credibility.



LiveCloud SAM provides an asset management platform as a service and supports the distribution of agents and inputs, as well as providing an inventory of software and hardware from the time the contract is signed, providing information through preset dashboards.

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The LiveCloud Portal includes Processor Management Dashboard, Processor Managed Services, Processor Monitoring Services, evaluation and prediction of performance and consumption, informational alerts, information on contracted services, opening of claims, support for environment (up & running), request for additional services. Optional services available for contracting LiveCloud include functional support, assisted operation, field services, service desk, professional services and developments on the environment and contracted applications.