Solution for interactive management of professional performance for organizations in the digital age​


How to engage your team and multiply your business’ results? ​

Meet Merit!

Disseminate the organization's culture, engage people, and promote team involvement

Get to know your teams with 360° assessments and stimulate professional qualification

Enhance performance and increase employee productivity

Track indicators, manage campaigns, and strengthen your brand connection

Through a motivational and meritocratic focus, encourage employees to seek professional development, contributing to the organization’s growth. 

With Merit it is possible to meet several challenges that directly impact any manager With it you can: 

Improve communication with units, including geographical challenges and homework

Establish greater proximity to the professional and keep him or her motivated 

Promote greater team engagement in endomarketing actions

Have the professional take the most current certifications from commercial and technical partners

Understand training needs and make them available on-line

Have a database for intelligent use: loyalty and strategic actions for the organization

It's simple, intuitive and practical!

Generate engagement
It is fun and at the same time the employee accumulates points and evaluates his or her performance in comparison to other professionals.

Meet your team
With a complete registration of the employee, it allows the organization to better understand the characteristics of the team, their desires, their aspirations!

Also use it to bring knowledge to the team: knowledge trails help speed up the onboarding of new incoming talents; FAQ to solve your team's top questions; social networking news.

It is an excellent channel to disseminate the information that is most important to the team:
Organizational performance
Development of personal skills

Acknowledge your team’s merit!

- Encourages personal development
- Engages the team
- Employees are the organization’s ambassadors
- Accelerates Onboarding
- Awards the best performances
- Disseminates information
- Promotes the organizational culture 

Interactive communication between organization and professionals, connecting purpose and goals anywhere, anytime! 

Merit Functionalities for Employees

Employees’ Registration
Company Indicators
Evaluation Criteria
Individual Score
Ranking of Employees
Organization Events
Search and Polls
Institutional and Training Videos

Functionalities of Merit for Management

360º View of the Employee
Campaign Maintenance
Event Maintenance
Research Maintenance
Audience List Maintenance
Videos vs Audience Maintenance
Setting up Onboarding Tracks
Approval of Evidence
Definition of Activities vs Punctuation
Adoption Panels and Reports


It is mandatory that the client has the Active Directory service (AD) to authenticate the application
If the client does not have the AD service, Processor may, in addition, offer this solution through the LiveCloud platform
It is mandatory for the client to sign the Term of Use, which will establish minimum rules of data protection, according to the General Data Protection Law (LGPD)
Merit Startup Pack includes basic usage and operation training of up to 8 hours, including a user scoring matrix template
Support with 5x10 service and 2-hour SLA to start the service is included
Optionally, client can hire platform operation and support, which includes the design and development of internal/external campaigns
Have a Vimeo account for linking videos
For publication of news and open job positions it is necessary to have/inform channel in RSS format for linking
For formatting the APP with the client’s ID it is necessary to provide the images in JPEG or PNG format
An Android phone or IOS version 4.1 minimum is required
For information on professional users, Merit imports AD data and allows complementary information on the tool itself and/or upload file in the tool's default. There is no need for linked ERP, but if there is a need for integration, the ERP should generate a file in the format requested by Merit that will import it periodically.
The Merit management module provides information about the tool. For customized reports, PowerBI LiveCloud SaaS should be purchased optionally in the proportion of the number of administrative users in the tool.